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Management Subject Matter - Selected Jobs (Recent Years)

· Full set of ethics and conflict of interest guidelines of a large coffe service group
· More than twenty security standards and training materials related to business practices and ethics
· Driver/assets control system technical manuals
· Full set of human resources/employee management manuals of a major fast food restaurant chain
· Recruiting procedures for a major courier-service company
· Revenue recognition norms and procedures
· Acceptable Use Policies documents
· Full set of healthcare and disabilities policies documents
· Small entrepeneurs guidance documents
· Full set of policies and procedures documents for a large energy company
· Full set of pension plan and benefits documents
· Full set of operational, risk, management and policy documents of a large global bank
· Full set of money-laundering prevention guidelines documentation
· Dozens of job-satisfaction surveys
· Full set of a complex request management system technical and operational documents
· Several large employee handbooks
· Several full sets of job aids
· Several expenses policy documents
· Several ethics policy documents
· Full set of application security requirements documents
· Several corporate profile brochures
· Tender documents for a non-intrusive inspection system
· Complex fleet management software suite technical manuals
· Complex document management system for law firms technical manuals
· Full set of a global tracking and monitoring system technical manuals
· Dozens of training, operations and management courses for many companies and service providers
· Data classification policy manual

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