pablo roufogalis

English to Latin-American Spanish translator

Software Subject Matter - Selected Jobs (Recent Years)

· UI strings of a complex warehousing procedures software
· Cattle management software localization
· Hundreds of technical and marketing manuals for computer-related hardware and software items, from USB sticks to highly complex corporate security systems
· Social media marketing and management software suite
· Complex fleet management software suite technical manuals
· Complex document management system for law firms technical manuals
· Full set of a global tracking and monitoring system technical manuals
· Full set of a complex request management system technical and operational documents
· Driver/assets control system technical manuals
· Technical materials, including software, related to airlines and airports
· Technical manuals of a complex Voice Communications System for airports
· Full set of technical and operational manuals for a complex Air Traffic Management system
· Full set of manuals of a software system for car dealership management
· Automotive data logging and advanced analytics app for customers
· Complex workshop management software suite technical manuals
· Marketing software localization
· Complex locomotive control system (software) technical manuals

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